VIDALIM is the culmination of more than 18 years of research by Frialtec in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid.

It is a food supplement that contains DHA Omega 3 fatty acids from microalgae; rosemary extract, and extra virgin olive oil, essential for physical and mental health.

Due to its novel format in single-dose sachets, its use is very convenient and simple, as a dressing on a salad, or adding it to toast, legumes, gazpacho, or children’s purees.

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that our body is unable to produce, so it is necessary to ingest it through foods such as fish, shellfish and algae.
The World Health Organization recognizes the importance of Omega-3 intake for our bodies. Vidalim provides the minimum daily dose recommended by the European Food Safety Authority.

Optimal levels of Omega3 help prevent diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression, anorexia, and macular degeneration, among others.
Its consumption prevents silent inflammation and joint and liver problems, as well as reducing oxidative stress.

It favours a strong memory and the proper functioning of the brain and eyes.

It boosts cardiovascular health and the condition of the skin, hair and joints.

In addition, recent medical studies link a greater resistance to coronavirus complications to the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA in the blood.

VIDALIM is beneficial for our physical and mental health in every stage of life, including childhood, and is apt for pregnant women too.

It enhances women’s health during pregnancy, as Omega 3 is essential for the mother and the foetus.

In children it contributes to proper neural development, also strengthening the immune system.

VIDALIM is suitable for vegans, celiacs, and those who are fish and lactose intolerant.